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Review of DEAR TABITHA by Trudy Stiles

Author: Trudy Stiles
Publication Date: March 28th 2014
Source: eARC provided by the author for review purposes

This book is not suitable for young readers. It is intended for mature adults only (18+). It contains strong language, adult/sexual situations and some violence. 

Dear Tabitha is BOOK TWO in the Forever Family Series. Dear Emily should be read FIRST as this is NOT a standalone book.

You know me. You know who I am. What I am.

Damaged. Confused. Alone.

You feel sorry for me. You pity me. 

You know what I’ve done. What I’ve given up. Who I’ve given up.

You try to understand what I’ve been through and how I can go on with my life. But you can’t possibly understand.

I’ve lost too much. Sacrificed too much. Given up everything so that I can find myself.

Well, I’m done.

I’m done walking away from everything that matters. 

It’s time for me to heal. 

It’s MY TURN to earn…

“Dear Tabitha” is the second book in the “Forever Family” series. This is book 2 of 2 and concludes the story that began in "Dear Emily". It is NOT a standalone story and is meant to be read after Dear Emily.

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

I have just put this book down and wanted to write my review while it was fresh in my mind. The trouble is, I don't think I have enough words - at least not coherent ones - that can sum this book up. It was beautiful, amazing, heart-wrenching, sad, happy... I felt so many emotions whilst reading it that it was like being on a roller coaster with the ups and downs, twists and turns, all things I didn't see coming. When I read Dear Emily, I didn't think it could get any better, but Trudy Stiles has gone and brought her A-game to the table yet again and blown me away. If you haven't read Dear Emily, then you are seriously missing out. You can read my review of it here

Dear Tabitha is the story of a broken girl who seeks love, redemption and most importantly family. Tabby has never felt like she truly belonged, at least not since Trina died. All she wants is a family of her own. She  needs to love and to be loved. She's grown up a lot since Dear Emily and it's good to see her in a good place in her life. But all that is under threat of collapse now that Alex is back and wants to see her.  He's been on the road with the band but now he's home, he wants to see Tabby and nothing can prepare either of them for what is about to happen. 
In this book, we learn more about Tabby's past and the gruelling, despicable things she has had to endure. Trudy Stiles is an amazingly talented author and she has managed to create a tangled web of lies, abuse, rape and more hurt than one person should be able to handle. We see Tabby at her weakest point, but then we see her life progress and how she goes from broken to strong in one long journey. This is a story packed with so many powerful emotions that I found myself stopping reading to cry numerous times. It was a tumultuous journey for the reader as well as the characters, but that doesn't mean it can't end well.
I won't spoil the ending for you - in fact I won't spoil anything at all by going into too much detail. Suffice to say though, the ending had me crying tears of a different kind. 
I absolutely loved the characters. From Tabby to Alex, Dax, Tristan, Kirsten and yeah, even Garrett and eventually, Seth. 
Seth made it initially hard to give a damn about him, but yeah, now I can't wait for the Forever Family book #3 which is his story. 

You can be sure Dear Tabitha will have a place in my heart. I went through some similar things to Tabby and it endeared her to me all the more, I felt a real connection with her. That was one of the best things about this whole story, the characters were tangible, real, as though I could reach through the pages and touch them like they touched me. 

Thank you Trudy for the opportunity to read and review this epic novel. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to read my review. I hope you go on to read the Forever Family books if you haven't already. 

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GLITCH by Brenda Pandos *Blog Tour*

Genre: New Adult Dystopian
Perfect World. Lies. Blue eyes.

When a mysterious guy from the forbidden zone sneaks an illegal slip of paper to a beautiful young girl from Brighton, she must decide if she should turn him in or follow what the note says. 

Eighteen-year-old Abby has no trouble following Brighton’s rules. For one, she’s OCD about checking her Date of Death clock, making sure her decisions never shorten her timeline, and two, she enjoys the peace Brighton has to offer. In no way would she bring on another attack that destroyed earth’s inhabitants like her predecessors. But when her best friend returns from her Advice Meeting--a glimpse into the future--shell shocked and won’t tell Abby what’s happened, she’s worried what awaits her Advice Meeting in a few days. The stranger with blue-eyes knows something, but does Abby dare enter the forbidden zone to get answers? It's infested with zombies, or so the Elected Agency says, yet there hasn't been sightings in years.... Those who enjoyed Divergent, Hunger Games, Time Travelers Wife and Walking Dead, will love Glitch.

Check out the Excerpt and enter to win a signed copy!
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(iTunes and the Paperback will appear shortly)
“So much happens in this book that you are just hooked and can't stop reading.” -Adriana
“This is a zombie story with a difference.” -Claire
“Recommend for all age fans of paranormal, zombies, dystopia and time travel!” -MS


Keeping my eyes on the ball, I tripped on something hard and round. My ankle twisted, tipping me over, and I fell directly into the foliage. I half-expected to land on solid ground beneath my butt, but all that was there was air. Then I thudded onto the rocks and continued sliding down a sharp decline. Tumbling over, I slid head first into the dry creek bed with an oomph.
Once the momentum stopped my body and the racing of my brain lessened, pain ricocheted everywhere. I bit back a wail and tears trickled down my cheeks. Beyond the stars flickering over my vision, birds jostled the leaves of the trees, taking flight in the bright sky. With my head spinning, I lay still, afraid to get up. Thoughts of a trip to the hospital and a cast from ankle to thigh rocked through me. Just my luck to break something right before my Advice Meeting.
“You okay?”
I startled at the male’s voice and gasped, struggling to right myself. Something other than pain jolted down my side as cool, blue eyes under a shock of dark hair met mine. My breath caught and I forced down a swallow. Cute—so cute. I couldn’t form anything coherent for a second, other than zombies didn’t talk.
“I—I’m fine.”
He quirked his head, scanning the length of my body. “I doubt that.”
Warmth rushed through me while under the gaze of this mysterious guy and my brain filed through all the faces of my potential mates online. His was one I’d definitely remember, especially with those eyes, and yet this was the first time I’d seen him. How did he escape my stalking? Was he on the unapproved list because of his blue eyes? From another province perhaps? One thing was for sure: he most definitely wasn’t a zombie.
“Here.” He reached for me and clasped my hand. His grip was strong and warm as he pulled me to my feet. But there was something between our palms, something flat, yet stiff with pointed edges.
He squeezed my hand hard and leveled me with a convicted look. I felt a rush of blood hit my cheeks when he held on a little too long.
“What is this?” I peered into his anxious eyes. Did he expect that I should know him? What was between our hands?
“Shhh—” he said, cautiously. “I just—need to tell you—”
He looked around nervously, then dropped my hand when the shouts of my teammates called from the ridge.
“Abby?” I heard Elle scream above the rest. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I called while my heart revved to a sprint. I fingered the thing he’d given me, trapping the evidence inside my palm, as my chest filled with terror. My mouth opened and shut, then I scanned the trees for hidden cameras. If I was caught with what I’d suspected he’d given me, we’d be arrested, no questions asked.
The strange, cute guy moved backward into the trees, blending in with his grey and black clothing. I wanted to ask him where he was going. The only thing echoing in my head was the Civilian Handbook.
Rule 6.1: Paper is illegal. To not make, manufacture, or use paper in any way. Report all violations of this law, or suffer a year in prison.
The sweat in my palm softened the pointed edges of the note. If I kept my hand closed, the EA wouldn’t see. But then how could I read what it said?
“Abby?” Elle screamed again. “Where are you?”
I moved away from the guy and back toward a trail leading up the side of the ravine to the field in a rush, panicked over the paper, panicked over everything.
“I’m coming.” I warred with a weird sense of being torn. My numb feet stumbled forward, knowing the correct response would be to run and report him. Another part of me wanted to help him. He wore vintage clothing from the pre-zombie era and black Converse shoes I’d kill for and had only seen in the museums. Where in the heck did he get his hands on paper? And why would he trust me with it? One quick glance at his wrist—no DOD watch. I wanted to ask him, but then I knew the EA was listening. Time ticked on slowly as we looked questioningly, into one another’s eyes.
When I looked up the trail once again, my teammates’ feet were rushing toward me, stirring up dirt everywhere. I turned back to the guy one last time, but the blue eyed stranger was gone.
His note, though, burned in my palm. And then, as the girls rushed down the trail toward me, terror flooded me. If I were caught, I’d be detained for who knows how long. I moved to the tall grass, stooped over to pick up my glove and stuffed the note under a shiny black rock, praying no one would notice.


Careful to remain under the cloak of darkness, I sucked in the precious air and pulled the black hoody tight around my face. Feeling naked without my Date of Death watch on, I quickly scanned the softball field for signs of life. If anyone caught me here, I’d have a lot of explaining to do. That was if the undead didn’t get me first. I shuddered and pushed away the thought.
I’m safe. There’s been no sightings in years, I reminded myself. Besides, I had to go. I had to know what the note said.
Sneaking along the edge of the field, I darted stealthily in the shadows, fighting the cold. The chilly February night was in direct opposition to the unseasonably warm day we’d had earlier, yet I couldn’t get Blue Eyes out of my mind—his clothes, his shoes, his eyes, his illegal paper. And no matter how hard I tried or as stupid as breaking curfew and sneaking out was, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until I knew what the note had said.
Across the street, Elle’s brother Landon’s bedroom light beamed from the swanky remodeled apartments, perks of being a top security monitor for the EA. Courage burned through my veins as something he’d said replayed in my mind. The reason the EA insisted on everyone wearing their watches at all times was because cameras had difficulty deciphering people’s faces in the dark. He’d know, with all the sneaking and breaking of rules that he did. I never broke the law, ever. One, for fear of getting caught, and two, for having the stress take years off my life.
There was something in the way Blue Eyes looked at me that I couldn’t shake. The huge risk he took to transfer this information to me, one the EA couldn’t intercept and why paper was illegal in the first place, drove me mad with curiosity. Giant computers in the EA shrines held all interactions between people, conversations recorded by DOD and messages off people’s flat screens, and only through a warrant were those private interactions allowed to become known. Of course Landon said that was bullshit, which is why I’d removed my watch before sneaking out.
My heart thumped as I looked over my shoulder toward the street. Landon’s apartment overlooked the field and if he spotted and reported me, or my mother found my unattended watch next to my flat screen, playing a recording of me sleeping in the background, I’d be dead. Though we lived in a crime-free society, she’d send everyone on a hunt to find me. I’d be arrested and forced to talk. Then they’d implant a DOD band on me—one I couldn’t take off, ever. I would be branded a criminal.
Bands of light from the security tower tried to penetrate the dense trees and the proof of what I’d destroyed with my fly ball came into view. Wow. I’d knocked the container off its hinges. But where was the gun? Had I knocked that off, too? And why hadn’t anyone come to repair it?
I stepped into the tree line, feeling a cold rush of bitter wind cycle through the grasses and around my ankles. Hugging my arms to myself, I traversed the path from earlier, my feet stumbling in the darkness. My mind began to wander. What if a zombie could sneak over the wall now that there wasn’t a functioning gun? Were they smart enough to climb? I inhaled, sniffing for rotted flesh, and trudged down the path quickly. The dank dust flooded into my nostrils as my heart raced harder. A rustle in the leaves made me freeze. With wide eyes, I choked down the bile and held my breath, anticipating a feral groan. The walking dead, according to the survival manual, only reacted when they saw living flesh or smelled blood, but you weren’t to tempt fate.
Rule 21.2: If you’re in need of help, press your emergency button and call for backup immediately, especially in an attack with the undead.
Of course, without my watch on, that wasn’t a possibility for me.
I waited, and after hearing nothing else, I continued down to the end of the trail. Zombies didn’t know to hide or be quiet, but I didn’t want to bring attention to myself with a flashlight. Barely able to see the path, let alone a miniscule slip of illegal paper, I knelt down with a wish and a prayer.
Brushing my hands through the grass, hoping spiders and bugs kept far away from me, I searched. My thigh throbbed in pain from the fall earlier, as I scoured helplessly for the rock. It had to be here.
Where is it?
Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the gleam of black in the moonlight. I reached for it, counting my blessings, when something large scuttled through the brush behind me. I squeaked, snagged the rock and slip of paper, and straightened my legs. Holding my breath, I stared to the other side of the dry creek bed toward an illusive dark shape standing at the base of the giant stone wall. I cocked my arm back, ready to pelt whatever it was with the rock. A breeze blew in from the spot, bending back the grasses toward me, revealing it wasn’t a person, but a hole in the rock wall. Then a flash of white scooted past on the other side.
A grunt followed.
My heart leapt into my throat and I sprinted up the trail before I could think. The moan of what had to be a zombie filled my ears. Quelling a scream, I ran to the field, still staying out of the light. I cleared the fence and turned, my chest heaving. The nighttime noises took a backseat to the blood pulsing heavily in my ears. I scanned back and forth, but nothing came out of the trees. I waited to be sure as guilt snaked through me. The most responsible thing would be to report a sighting, but that would mean admitting I was breaking curfew. Maybe I’d just imagined what I’d heard.
Unsure what to do, I ran to the street to find an overhead light. I unfolded the damp note sticking to my palm.

Scrawled in charcoal, I read, “Don’t meet your future self tomorrow. Please.” 


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DEAD SPELL by K.A Young - Release Tour

Dead Spell Release Tour

After being forced to live among the humans, Elise finds herself on the cusp of a war that she isn’t sure how to fight let alone win. Along with a small supernatural group of sorcerers, werewolves, vampires and one Nephilim warrior, she is prepared to risk it all in order to protect and defend the world that they know and love.

While Elise has that one goal in mind, she is also learning to adjust to the gift her mother sent her from the other side, her wolf. And if all that weren’t enough, she must also choose between the affections of the head sorcerer Garrett, and the sexy alpha wolf Enrique. One thing’s for sure, Elise has no intention of being coerced into a relationship neither by loyalty nor a supernatural bond.

Elise never would have imaged that everything would come to a head because of one witches spell. One spell could change everything… 
Available now...

Grab Coven (Book One) for FREE!!!

Elise Michaels' motto has always been: no guts, no glory. She is a thrill seeker, continually craving excitement and adventure. The idea of being tied down to a place or man never interested her, even though a betrothal spell was cast linking her and the Head of Council’s son when they were mere infants.

Being a distant third in succession to assume the Head Mistress role, she felt confidant that her secret would remain in her past along with Coven life. Unfortunately, nothing in our fun loving heroine’s future is anything she or anyone from the supernatural realm is prepared for.

Now, she’s forced to return to the place and the Sorcerer she so desperately sought to forget.

Elise has no idea the power and gifts that await her. Can she let go of her own desires and embrace her new role? Or will she surrender to the faceless evil coming for them all?

Book one in the tantalizing Elise Michaels Series a spinoff of The Nephilim Warrior Series. 

About the Author...

K.A. Young is a paranormal/fantasy romance author that lives with her family in the South. She began writing because her mind was swimming with incredible stories that were begging to be told. Her love for reading began as a small child when she realized that a good book was an instant escape to a mystical land that could be reached anytime and from anyplace. 
To find her on the web, please visit: 

Competition time :)

To WIN a Nook Simple Touch and lots of other prizes enter the Rafflecopter.

Happy Reading :) 

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Review of THE LIONESS by Jake Bonsignore

Publication Date: February 14th 2014
Source: e-copy provided by the author for review purposes

Seventeen-year-old Adria Catarr is a carefree, stubborn girl with an insatiable sweet tooth. When she stumbles into Lando Cardé, the incognito prince, during the annual Midsummer Festival and mistakes his charm for love at first sight, her naïve heart is quickly broken.

Kaidan Sordell, a childhood friend, is there to pick up the pieces and help Adria mend her wounds. His affection for her has gone unnoticed for so long that he’s not sure if he’ll ever have the nerve to tell her how he truly feels.

With the last summer before adulthood upon them, Adria and Kaidan decide to seek out the Temple of the Red Mare. The legendary tales of it revealing a heart’s truest desire is too tempting for lovelorn Adria to pass up.

Will she realize, though, that what she’s looking for has been trekking beside her all along?

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

Where to start this review, that's the question. This book left me speechless for a while. I was in tears and couldn't see to type. This story is one of love, trust and inexplicable bonds - it really a true love tale. There are trials and tribulations along the way, but who better to face them with than your best friend?

Adria Catarr is our heroine and it's her journey we follow. It all starts one fateful night at the Midsummer Festival when she meets the crown prince, Lando Cardé. He's handsome and kind, pays her compliments and whisks her off her feet at the dance. Just like that, Adria believes she's in love and goes home with a feeling of joy in her heart. Upon finding out that Lando is in the dauphin of Masselia, Adria believes it's her destiny to find him and she sets off on a journey with her best friend Kaiden Sordell who is travelling to try and get a place at a very prestigious school. 

We follow along as the two friends have an adventure together on their way to Masselia. Kaiden is in love with Adria and has been since they were children, but will he tell her and if so, will she reciprocate the feelings?

Adria is in for a bit of a shock upon her arrival in Masselia and Kaiden is in for a shock of his own. The pair are drawn back together and set off on another journey, this time a much more fateful one. This time, they seek out the Temple of the Red Mare. There, they will discover much more than they ever thought possible.

What truths will the pair reveal? That's for you to read the book and discover! 

If you read this story, you won't be sorry you did. It was a beautiful novel, cleverly written so that you don't know what's around the corner. There is much laughter but also many tears to be beheld within the pages. This book should come with a warning that reads: "WARNING: A whole box of tissues required."
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I couldn't put it more honestly than this: The Lioness: A True Love Tale is a revitalising story of how true love is something that makes you rise. When you are in love, you don't fall, you rise. If it weighs you down, the truth is it probably isn't true love. It reminds you that love is something special that isn't taken by rights, it's given freely. 

Here are two fan-pics I made after rising into love with this emotional story. 

Thank you Jake Bonsignore for the e-ARC, but also for confirming my theory that love is unconditional and beautiful. 
Thank you to anyone who came by to read my review. I hope you'll take a chance on this book like I did.
Here are the buy links:
or to buy a signed copy from Jake, contact him here:

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*Cover Reveal* LOVELINES by S.Walden

Release Date: March 25, 2014
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Spice Factor: Freaking Hot (don't let the cutesy cover fool you)

Arrive to work at 7:58 A.M. sharp. Check. Count forty-seven steps to cubicle. Check. Arrange pens in their red-blue-black-green-purple order of importance. Check. Apply hand sanitizer before opening email. Double check.

And that’s just the first few minutes of her work day.

Thirty-one-year-old proofreader Bailey Mitchell is a slave to her tics. She inherited Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from her father, and it’s done nothing but inhibit her love life. She’s run the gamut of boyfriends—none of them willing or able to cope with her condition.

Enter 32-year-old Reece Powell, her new coworker at Beach Elite Marketing Firm. He’s more than willing to cope. He finds her habits cute and quirky . . . for now. Reece wins her over, and life coasts along for them until Bailey experiences a devastating blow. Tragedy exacerbates her OCD, and Reece realizes her tics aren’t so cute and quirky anymore. Just like all the others, he has the choice to leave.

But Reece isn't like all the others.

The Wilmington Saga
Follow the stories of Wilmington, NC residents as they fall in and out of love, mend and break hearts, grow, change, lose, win, and experience what it means to truly live in this small coastal community.

 “Tell me again why we’ve done our last four beach trips here?” I said. “I mean, we know everyone in this goddamn town. Isn’t the point of a trip to get away? So we don’t have to see people?”

“Bailey, tone down the bitchiness, okay?” Erica ordered. She dug around the inside of her purse for her cell phone. “And you know why. Noah, God love him, is a moron with our kids. I’ve gotta stay close until they get older.”

I snorted, then took off towards another club.

“Bailey!” Erica called, running after me.

“I’m not ready to go back to the hotel,” I said, shrugging off her arm.

“That’s fine. We can hang out, but if you go dark on me . . .”

“Nobody’s going dark, okay? I just wanna get my dance on,” I replied.

I spent the rest of the evening getting wasted and looking like a total slut on the dance floor. My goal was to erase two recent painful memories: shaking my ass for Reece and seeing my ex-fiancé on a booty date.

When Erica and I emerged from the club at 2:30 A.M., a taxi van was waiting. A group of young men (one carrying a case of beer) cut in front of us and threw open the van door.

“Oh, well,” Erica said. “Let’s find another.”

The boy toting the beer spotted us. “Oh, my bad. You wanted this taxi?”

“It’s cool,” Erica replied. “You guys take it. We’ll wait for another.”

“Well, I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you come with us? We’re going to a film screening.”

The others nodded, shuffling around the sidewalk.

A film screening at 2:30 in the morning? Please. I shook my head. “Thanks, but we’re tired. We’re gonna go home.”

“Nah! Come with us. It’s gonna be a fun time,” Beer Boy pleaded.

“No no,” I replied. “You all go have a good time.”

He turned to his friend and muttered, “Fucking bitch.” A few of the boys snickered.

Excuse me?

And then something in my brain snapped. I watched that little college punk stand there, avoiding my face, gripping his bush-league beer while the taxi driver yelled at his punk ass posse to make a decision.

“Hey, son!” I called in his direction. “There’s no need for that. No need for that kind of language.”

He hung his head—literally hung his head—while I chastised him.

“Bailey, let’s go.” Erica tugged on my arm.

“Now, I’m sorry we turned you down, and I’m sorry if that embarrassed you, but maybe we don’t feel like ‘screening’ the bullshit home movie you shot for film class on your bullshit, cheap ass camcorder.”

“Oh my God,” Erica said.

“We got to this cab first. Then you and your dipshit friends come barreling down the sidewalk and steal it. What you need to be saying to me is ‘I’m sorry’. And then you need to go brush up on the manners you clearly left at home when you came to college. Ain’t nobody gonna wanna fuck a little asshole like you if you can’t be classy,” I said.

“Bailey!” Erica hauled me along.

“Punk ass motherfucker!” I yelled over my shoulder. He flipped me off. I fought Erica as hard as I could. “Let me at him. One minute with that little shit! Just one!”

“Bailey Mitchell!” Erica screamed in my face. “He’s a doofus! All right?! Calm. Down.”

S. Walden used to teach English before making the best decision of her life by becoming a full-time writer. She lives in Georgia with her very supportive husband, who prefers physics textbooks over fiction and has a difficult time understanding why her characters must have personality flaws. She is wary of small children, so she has a Westie instead. She is the USA Today bestselling author of Going Under. When she's not writing, she's thinking about it.

She loves her fans and loves to hear from them. Email her at and follow her twitter feed at @swaldenauthor.

Twitter: @swaldenauthor

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*Welcome To My Stop on THE REPLACEMENT Blog Tour*

Author: Rachael Wade
Publication Date: January 27th 2014
Source: e-ARC provided by author for review 

*Contains sexually explicit content and mature subject matter, including language and elements of abuse.*

A gritty New Adult drama about a young woman’s self-destructive quest to find purpose, self-worth, and love in a broken world.

My name is Elise Duchamp. I’m twenty-three years old and I’m known as the town whore.

No, not the kind who exchanges sexual favors for money. The other kind. The kind who gives it all away for free, whenever and however she likes. I am that girl. The one everyone whispers about and the one none of the girls seem to like, because all of their boyfriends either want to sleep with me or already have. Promiscuity is my thing—the kind that slowly, violently turns my insides black, but gives me something I need.

All things considered, I’m not completely reckless. I’m safe, and contrary to popular opinion, I do have a heart. I live in a world of careless choices, and with those choices come careless people. I cannot judge them, because I am one of them. I too bow down to the altar of the self-serving. I am not a good friend. I am not and never could be anyone’s girlfriend. I’m convinced any goodness in me shriveled up and died long ago.

But I am a replacement. That is something I know how to be, and this is a story of the lengths I’d go to in order to keep it that way

*I Hereby Award This Book 5 Wings!*

What can I say about this amazing book? Really, the book speaks for itself. This was one of the most amazing reads of 2013 for me. I loved it so much. As always with Rachael's books, it was written amazingly. If you have read even one book by Rachael Wade before, then you will know how she plays your heartstrings like a violin and damn is she a great violinist!! If you haven't read one of her books, what rock have you been living under? LOL!

Elise is broken. She can't be fixed. Her upbringing wasn't with the most loving, tactile of families. Her father was a horrible man (I'm being tame there) in fact, he was a monster. Her mother was broken too. She did as her husband told her to. She was beautiful, and we're talking old Hollywood glamour - but nothing was good enough for her husband. He often made her feel worthless. This is where Elise got her feelings of worthlessness from too. She watched her father treat her mother like she was disposable and worse, when she became ill, he left her. To him, looks were more important than anything. If you weren't beautiful, you didn't exist. 
When her mother died, Elise had no-one. She felt empty, worthless, a mere shell of a person. She got a job in a cafe in Gig Harbor. It wasn't much but it meant she could afford to rent someplace to live. The trouble with Elise being empty and broken is that she needs something to fill that void in her life and boy does she go the wrong way about it. She doesn't prostitute herself, she doesn't give sexual favours in return for money - worse than that, in a way, she gives it away for FREE and she gives it to every man in town, whether or not he has a partner waiting at home for him. She's a woman on a mission of self-destruction. When she meets Ryder, she tells him she's not girlfriend material and can only give him what she's got and she doesn't really have much to give. She doesn't want to tell him about her reputation, he's new to town and he hasn't heard the rumour mill turning. 
In all honesty, I thought I would hate Elise. From the blurb, she didn't sound like all that much of a good person. But then I found out that she is a good person and she does have a heart, it's just buried so deep under so many years worth of hurt that it isn't immediately obvious to the naked eye. I found her story intriguing and I needed to know what really made her tick. 
There was so much going on in this story, it was an absolutely un-putdownable book. I am always really excited about reading Rachael Wade's books and this one was like no other she has written before. It is truly brilliant and I am so glad that I signed up for the blog tour. 
Rachael always toys with my emotions with everything she writes and this was no different. I was hit with anger, revulsion, and disgust but I also felt for Elise when I learned what she had been through and I felt sadness, pain and hatred for her father. I also felt love. Ryder won my heart in an instant. I wished Elise could see herself through my eyes, through Jay's eyes, through Ryder's eyes. She would have seen someone worth fighting through all the crap to get to the heart of. 
Will she ever fight her way through to become someone that can be respected instead of loathed by the whole town? To find out, you need to purchase a copy of The Replacement.

The Replacement

Criminal – Fiona Apple

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (Theme Song)

Burning Desire – Lana Del Rey (Elise’s Song)

Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey (Masked Ball Scene)

Who Will Save Your Soul – Jewel

9 Crimes – Damien Rice

Breathe Me – Sia

Foolish Games – Jewel

These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Just Give  Me a Reason - Pink

Hole in My Hand - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Hands – Jewel

Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars

Society – Eddie Vedder version (Ryder’s song)

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac (Thanksgiving Day Scene)

In the Sun – Joseph Arthur

Winter – Tori Amos

Born to Die – Lana Del Rey (Elise and Ryder’s Song)

Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey (Elise’s song for Ryder)

Época – Gotan Project

Spark – Tori Amos

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Tori Amos version

Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink

Empty – Ray LaMontagne

Jolene – Ray LaMontagne

Thin Line - HoneyHoney

This Year’s Love - David Gray

House of the Rising Sun - Animals

Be Be Your Love – Rachael Yamagata

Secrets – OneRepublic

National Anthem (album version) – Lana Del Rey (Epilogue)

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of THE PRESERVATION SERIES, LOVE AND RELATIVITY, and the upcoming New Adult sci-fi series, THE KEEPERS TRILOGY. When she's not writing, she's busy going to concerts, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. She's an avid Brandi Carlile fan and loves all things Tim Burton. Visit her at and, and come chat with her on Twitter @RachaelWade.
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